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Date: 13/05/2017

Saturday 13th May, 10:42am. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a 911 call from a passenger on board the local charter vessel 'Rainbow Runner' in position 1.5 miles north of Grey's Bridge reporting that one crew member had sustained an injury, a suspected broken finger during operations to clear a fouled propeller. Marine Police Boat 'Rescue I' was tasked to assist from it's base in Dockyard and arrived alongside Rainbow Runner at approx 11:20am. The injured party was transported on board Rescue I to Hamilton for medical treatment.

Date: 12/05/2017

Friday 12th May, 06:28am. RCC Bermuda receives a call from JRCC Denmark to advise that a female crew member on board the Danish Sail Training vessel Svanen had sustained a broken collarbone in position 450 miles East of Bermuda. A Danish medical advisor requested that the patient be evacuated to the nearest port, Bermuda and the Liberian registered Chemical tanker, Stolt Sequoia, en route from Antwerp Belgium to Baton Rouge USA was tasked to rendezvous with the sailing vessel. The merchant vessel arrived on scene with the Svanen at 12:53am on Friday 12th May and a successful transfer of the patient was undertaken. The Stolt Sequoia then proceeded to Bermuda, where it arrived off the East End at 10:00pm on Sunday, 14th May. The patient was transferred to the pilot/rescue vesse St. David and transported to Ordnance Island for onward transfer to King Edward VII Memorial hospital by ambulance for treatment whereupon the Stolt Sequoia resumed on passage to Baton Rouge.

Date: 12/05/2017

Friday 12th May, 11:00am. The sudden onset of strong winds on Friday 12th May, 2017 (Gust of 67 knots recorded at Fort George), resulted in a slew of incidents for the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre. Several vessels were reported to be dragging anchor, taking on water, or suffering from steering or propulsion issues. Some of the more serious incidents involved a vessel grounding in St. George’s Harbour with the need for 4 crew to be evacuated; a local tour operator with a fouled propeller; and sailing vessels on final approach to the island battling increased winds and needing a tow into the harbour. Visiting yachts TANGO and MAHE 3, suffered disabled engines on final approach to Bermuda as a local contractor was quickly dispatched to assist vessels into St. George’s Harbour. Meanwhile in Convict Bay, visiting SV MORTON and SV ESCONDALA reported issues with a fouled propeller and dragging anchor while SV BLUE PIGEON TOO, wound up high and dry on the shallow reefs east of Brook's Island, in St. George's Harbour. Fisheries vessel SENTINEL was tasked to evacuate all 4 crew ashore until the weather abated with the vessel successfully re-floated a few days later by a local marine contractor. More problems ensued with one of the large visiting yachts (SV REE) forced back against its moorings lines on Ordnance Island and threatening to encroach on other yachts berthed alongside, while another motor yacht on Penno's Wharf was blown hard against the dock face as crews struggled with mooring lines. Meanwhile, Northwest of Grey's Bridge, a local tour operator saw his Island Boat disabled in very bad weather conditions resulting with lines in the propeller and passenger onboard who had suffered a broken finger, and was possible going into shock. The Marine Police attended to vessel taking two injured persons ashore, with the tour boat confirming safe arrival in Dockyard a while later. Another small boat, LAZY BOY, was reported taking on water near RHADC in Hamilton Harbour. Marine Police were dispatched to area and successfully pumped the boat dry. Meanwhile, an Island Barge/Floating dock broke free from the beach on the south side of White's island posing a danger to vessels moored in area. The barge was successfully recovered and secured by a local marine contractor. In Harrington Sound, the vessel START ME UP was sighted down by the stern with the risk of vessel going under. The owner was contacted and attended to vessel. Bermuda Radio was also made aware that Fishing vessel SECRET PLACE, was holed and remains partially submerged in Bailey's Bay. Due to potential pollution in area (Diesel Fuel), a team from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources attended on Saturday to deploy a pollution containment boom. Vessel owners are working on logistics to have vessel recovered and repaired.

Date: 06/05/2017

Saturday 6th May, 2:30pm. During the Paddleboard race this weekend, the only incident involved one of the safety boats suffering brief engine failure off Riddle's Bay. The 18ft FOUR WINNS with two persons onboard was reported without power and in need of assistance and the Marine Police dispatched to assist. However, an electrical problem onboard was resolved and the vessel able to continue under own power to the moorings at the Foot of The Lane. Marine Police boat was subsequently stood down.

Date: 06/05/2017

Saturday 6th May, 6:58pm. The Polish yacht 4 OCEANS DREAM, a 46-foot sloop rigged sailing vessel with 3 persons onboard, diverted to Bermuda to conduct mechanical and electronic repairs, requesting assistance entering St. George's Harbour, as vessel had no engine power or local navigation charts onboard. Bermuda Yacht Services workboat LINE 2 was soon arranged for a commercial tow. As the yacht continued its approach in near gales, communications began to fail and the vessel became disoriented, heading offshore and complicating the rendezvous. The vessel was eventually taken under tow by ‘LINE 2’, arriving into St. George's Harbour shortly after midnight.

Date: 01/05/2017

Monday 1st May, 8:40pm. Bermuda Radio took a call from the visiting yacht SINUS anchored safely in St. George's harbor, reporting that vessel was in SSB radio communication with approaching SV BLUE SUN, with 2 persons onboard. SV BLUE SUN reported that vessel had a fouled propeller, preventing use of vessel's engine, and requested assistance when entering St. George's Harbour on arrival. SV BLUE SUN, located approx. 150 nautical miles SW of Bermuda continued under sail towards the island, and was taken under tow by vessel ‘LINE TWO’ early Wednesday morning for transit into St. George's Harbour.

Date: 30/04/2017

At 5:24pm Sunday 30th April the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre was contacted by a local shipping agent reporting that the 10384 GRT Marshall Islands Container vessel ‘M/V ECLIPS’, was inbound to Bermuda to disembark an ill crew member. At 1:24am, Monday 1st May, the 38-year-old Turkish national was successfully landed ashore via pilot boat ‘St. David’, and taken by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. M/V ECLIPS originally on route from New York to Aliaga, Turkey, continued on to its original next port of call.

Date: 27/04/2017

At 7:27am Thursday April 27th, the Duty Officer at the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre was alerted by a local shipping agent of the need for the cruise ship ‘ANTHEM OF THE SEAS’ to disembark a patient in Bermuda for medical reasons. Local Emergency Services including Marine & Ports pilot boat ‘St. David’ were briefed on inbound Medico, estimated to arrive off the East end of Bermuda around 6pm. At 6:05pm the patient was successfully transferred to pilot boat ‘St. David’ and landed ashore at Ordnance Island, for onward transfer to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. ‘ANTHEM OF THE SEAS’ continued its journey from Saint Kitts to Bayonne, New Jersey.