Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 07/09/2020

Monday 7th September, 9:00 am – Bermuda Radio received a telephone call from Fire Dispatch regarding a swimmer in distress off Horseshoe Bay, the Coast Guard had already been informed and were preparing to attend. A few minutes later COMOPS advised that the person had returned to the beach of their own accord and had not been in distress.

Date: 07/09/2020

Monday 07 September, 5:30 pm - Bermuda radio received a telephone call from Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service advising that someone had fallen overboard from a boat in the vicinity of pier 1 on Front street and Coast Guard assistance was required. Bermuda Radio contacted the Coast Guard who were on scene and confirmed a person had gone overboard from charter boat ZARA and had not resurfaced. Bermuda Coast Guard advised that the Fire and Rescue Service were on scene and preparing to use diving equipment to search for the missing person. At approximately 17:40 the diver entered the water while Bermuda Radio checked with Coast Guard and COMOPS regarding getting additional divers to assist. At approx. 17:52 the missing person was found by a member of the Coast Guard, unconscious, trapped under the dock. The person was transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital where he was unfortunately pronounced dead.

Date: 07/09/2020

Monday 7th September, 8:21pm - RCC Bermuda received a 406 MHz EPIRB Distress Alert which originated from a beacon registered to Bermuda Fishing Vessel BIG HOPPER. Upon contacting the vessel owner, he reported the boat was un-manned and at rest on its moorings. The owner found the EPIRB onboard his vessel inactive and in a normal condition. Upon investigation the ID code of the active beacon it did not match the unit which the owner had in service on the boat. The owner then remembered an out of date EPIRB which was kept at home when this was located it was found to be active. This incident serves to demonstrate that false alerting wastes time and effort, and also that the management of EPIRB devices by owners is critical, once an out of date beacon has been replaced onboard the redundant beacon should be rendered inoperative by removing the battery power supply . Old units may be handed in for disposal at any of the following locations: Bermuda Coastguard at Watford House, Dockyard. Boats & Moorings at Paget Post Office. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre at Fort St George, or Michael Hayward the Bermuda Datrex Representative.

Date: 27/08/2020

Wednesday 26th August 12:30 pm – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre was contacted via VHF marine radio and Satellite Communications, by the Antigua & Barbuda registered 2528grt General Cargo Vessel AGENA, which was on passage from Fall River, Massachusetts bound for Mindelo, Cape Verde. The vessel was located, approximately 35nm Northeast from Bermuda and requested protocols to enter port to anchor. The vessel subsequently appointed a local ships agent and provided international paperwork to enable entry into port including COVID-19 health declarations. The vessel indicated technical problems with the cargo that required investigation at anchor in Murrays Anchorage as the reason for diverting to Bermuda. The vessel took a local pilot at 8am on Tuesday Morning and is now secure at anchor and awaiting further investigation into the technical defect onboard the vessel. The AGENA has 8 crew onboard. Motor Vessel AGENA resolved her technical problems onboard, and departed Bermuda Friday 28th August at 7pm to continue on her passage to Cape Verde.