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Date: 10/01/2018

Wednesday 10th Jan, 12:27pm. RCC Bermuda received an SSAS alert (Ship Security Alerting System) from the Bermuda flagged Bulk Carrier ‘CAROUGE’ located southwest of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. A call to the vessel Company Security Officer confirmed that all was well on-board with the vessel having changed flag and owners earlier today. New owners were conducting a radio survey on-board which resulted in the inadvertent activation of system.

Date: 10/01/2018

Wednesday 10th Jan, 1:42pm. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre is contacted by a member of the public reporting a vessel sinking off south shore near Warwick, with possibly 2-3 persons in the water. Bermuda Radio commenced an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast (PANPAN) to vessels in the area as Police Land and Marine units are also dispatched to the scene. BMOC calls the reporting source who advises that it is a kite surfer in Distress (Currently clinging to surfboard) and that Police land unit have arrived on scene. Marine Police boat ‘Heron II’ continues to area as attempts are made to get surfer ashore. At 2:24pm, the kite surfer was confirmed safely ashore and all response units stood down.

Date: 07/01/2018

Sunday 7th January 11:30am. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre receives an email from a member of the public reporting that vessel SURREEL is low in the water at its mooring in Ely’s Harbour. BMOC contacts vessel owner who attendeds to vessel.

Date: 05/01/2018

Friday 5th January, 12:15am. RCC Bermuda is contacted by RCC Norfolk reporting that the Panama registered car carrier ‘PEGASUS HIGHWAY’ is inbound to Bermuda to disembark two badly injured Filipino crewmembers. Vessel was 300 miles northwest of Bermuda when it was hit by a rogue wave during cargo inspections, resulting in both crew members falling, one suffering lacerations to the face, and the other with head, hand and leg injuries. Medical treatment was administered onboard with the vessel then 420 miles east of Chesapeake Bay, but unable to return to the U.S.A. due to continuing bad weather. At 4pm, Saturday 6th January, both casualties were safely transported ashore by pilot boat ‘St. George’ and taken via by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Date: 03/01/2018

Wednesday 3rd January, 6:00am. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre (BMOC) is contacted by New York Air Traffic Control reporting that a C-130 military aircraft with 12 persons on-board, was diverting to Bermuda due to engine failure. BMOC pages local Emergency services with aircraft observed safely landing on runway 30 a short while later (6:25am).

Date: 30/12/2017

Saturday 30th December, 12:20pm. Bermuda Radio receives an urgent call on VHF Channel 16 from an unknown vessel, reportedly taking on water and requiring urgent assistance near the S.W. Breaker buoy, with communications lost following initial call. Bermuda Radio issued a ‘MAYDAY RELAY’ broadcast on behalf of the Distressed vessel with local vessel ‘MODERN SINBAD’ responding to calls for assistance while Marine police unit RESCUE II was also tasked to assist. MODERN SINBAD was first on scene reporting that they had located a vessel off SW Breakers but confirmed that this was not the vessel in Distress. Bermuda Radio requested MODERN SINBAD proceed to last known position of Distress vessel and report back any findings. F/V PLAYMATE also responded to Bermuda Radio calls for assistance, reporting that vessel was anchored off Sally Tuckers with nothing sighted in area, but available to assist if need be. Bermuda Radio continued efforts to reestablish communication with Distressed craft, with F/V PEANUTS II responding to calls, confirming that he was the vessel in Distress. A water inlet pipe was damaged but since repaired, with bilge pumps now working, as vessel proceeds under own steam back to Riddell’s Bay, escorted on arrival by Marine Police vessel RESCUE II. Bermuda Radio cancelled the MAYDAY RELAY broadcast as all vessels were stood down and thanked for their assistance.

Date: 28/12/2017

Thursday 28th December, 11:39am. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre (BMOC) receives a call from a member of the public on Wednesday 20th December, reporting that an 18ft Centre console was low on its mooring at Foot of the Lane, Hamilton Harbour. Unfortunately, the reporting source was unable to identify vessel but with the assistance of Marine & Ports ‘Boats and Moorings’ section, the vessel was identified as the 19ft ‘DAY TRIPPER’. BMOC managed to track down the owner a few days later who arranged for a marine contractor to attend to the vessel.

Date: 20/12/2017

Wednesday 20th December, 5:40pm, BMOC receives a 911 call from a member of the public driving East along North Shore road near Palmetto Park, reporting a white flashing light which may indicate someone in Distress. After further discussion the Duty Officer identified the light as that of Shelly Bay Shoal with the member of the public thanked for their well-intentioned call.