Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 20/02/2021

Saturday 20th February, 1:20 pm – A member of the public called RCC Bermuda by telephone to report a windsurfer stranded, due to equipment failure, off Spanish Point in the vicinity of Hogfish Beacon. The caller intends to proceed to their boat and recover the windsurfer, should take about 15 minutes to get to the boat in Fairylands Creek. RCC Bermuda broadcasts an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast requesting assistance. Bermuda Coast Guard responds and advises they will mobilise a vessel and should be underway in 15 minutes. The good Samaritan vessel arrived shortly before the Coast Guard and recovered the windsurfer.

Date: 16/02/2021

Tuesday 16th February, 5:08 pm – RCC Bermuda received a cell phone call from a 28 ft Bertram disabled and at anchor in a position 3 miles to the West South West of North Rock. RCC Bermuda made VHF Radio calls requesting assistance which went unanswered and the vessel owner was unable to arrange for a tow. The Bermuda Coast Guard were contacted and responded immediately taking the vessel in tow shortly after 11pm.

Date: 13/02/2021

Saturday 13th February, 11:20 am – The Bermuda Coast Guard called Bermuda Radio regarding a vessel which was low in the water in Pitts Bay. The vessel was correctly registered, so Bermuda Radio were able to contact the owner and advise the vessel needs attention.

Date: 09/02/2021

Tuesday 9th February – 8:42 pm – A member of the public calls Bermuda Radio via police COMOPS to report suspicious activity on the water. The caller states that a small vessel is conducting a slow search of the coastline in the vicinity of Shelly Bay using handheld torches. The coastguard attends the scene but finds only fishing vessels and nothing untoward.

Date: 06/02/2021

Saturday 6th February, 3:00 am – RCC Bermuda received an unlocated EPIRB alert registered to the local fishing vessel MORE POTENTIAL, later in the morning it was confirmed that MORE POTENTIAL was safely alongside, however the location of the active beacon was unknown. The beacon activation was intermittent and as the position could not be resolved accurately the alert attracted concern from JRCC Halifax and MRCC Ponta Delgada. On Sunday afternoon the position of the active beacon resolved to the Somerset Bay area. RCC Bermuda staff used mobile direction-finding equipment to home in on the 121.5 MHz carrier signal, after the general location had been established by the EPIRB’s built in GPS. The beacon was located inside a property and rendered inactive by breaking into the EPIRB and disconnecting the battery.

Date: 06/02/2021

Saturday 6th February, 11:15 am – The 50ft French sailing vessel BULOO, with 2 POB, contacted Bermuda Radio as they were diverting to Bermuda on passage from Norfolk, Virginia to St Maarten. The vessel had suffered engine failure and one of the crew members had injured his ribs in a fall. BULOO was offered a commercial tow to assist them in entering St George’s Harbour this was declined and the vessel sailed through town cut without assistance. The injured sailor attended hospital and will fly out of Bermuda, BULOO will continue to St Maarten single handed.

Date: 05/02/2021

Friday 5th February, 4:45 pm – RCC Bermuda received a VHF call from the 28ft local fishing vessel KRAKEN which was disabled, due to engine failure with 3 POB. In a position North of the reef between North Rock and Eastern Blue Cut. KRAKEN was unable to see any other vessels in the vicinity, the coast guard were alerted and prepared to respond while RCC Bermuda made VHF urgent marine information broadcasts. The calls went unanswered however a vessel was observed on RADAR to the south of the disabled vessel and RCC Bermuda advised KRAKEN to activate a distress flare. After the rocket flare had been activated the observed vessel was seen to be proceeding to the distress position and the coast guard were advised to standby. Shortly after KRAKEN reported to RCC Bermuda that the 35 ft fishing vessel GOOD DIRECTION was in attendance and willing to tow KRAKEN, at around 7:00 pm the vessels safely arrived in Dockyard.

Date: 01/02/2021

Monday 1st February, 11:00 pm – RCC Bermuda received a telephone call from Police COMOPS advising that they had received reports of a vessel on fire in Riddell’s Bay and a land unit had been dispatched to investigate. RCC Bermuda were unable to see the fire on CCTV, the Coast Guard were advised of the incident but did not need to attend as Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service were dealing with the situation from ashore.

Date: 30/01/2021

Saturday 30th January, 5:40 am – New York Air Traffic Control called RCC Bermuda as the out of hours contact for LF Wade International Airport, advising that an inbound aircraft was unable to land due to a technical issue. RCC Bermuda contacted the airport Duty Officer, however the aircraft had chosen to divert and landed safely in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Date: 28/01/2021

Thursday 28th January, 9:20 am – The container ship BERMUDA ISLANDER, alongside in Hamilton Harbour, called Bermuda Radio to report a large object drifting in the Harbour. The object which is believed to be part of a dock was secured by a Marine & Ports vessel.

Date: 28/01/2021

Thursday 28th January, 2:00 pm – A member of the public called Bermuda Radio to report a Ski Nautique vessel low in the water in Riddell’s Bay, a picture of the boat has been circulated via a local Whatsapp group. Bermuda Radio were unable to establish the vessels name or Marine & Ports number so were unable to contact the vessel owner. The vessel was observed by CCTV camera from Bermuda Radio and does not seem at immediate risk of sinking.

Date: 28/01/2021

Thursday 28th January, 5:20 pm – Bermuda radio received a telephone call from a member of the public regarding a 30 ft vessel which had broken free from her moorings during a powerful winter storm and was now adrift in Hamilton Harbour. The vessel went aground in the vicinity of Red Hole, fortunately no pollution resulted from the grounding.