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Date: 14/09/2019

Saturday 14th September, 2:00 pm. – Bermuda Radio was advised that the Tanker ARDMORE CHINOOK on passage from Rouen, France to St Rose, Louisiana has diverted to Bermuda in order to disembark a crew member due to suspected food poisoning. The patient was transferred to the pilot boat St David at 7:00 am on Sunday morning and subsequently taken to KEMH by ambulance.

Date: 13/09/2019

Friday 13th September, 8:25 pm. – Bermuda Radio received two independent reports from members of the public regarding a suspected distress flare sighting to the North of Dockyard. Pan-Pan broadcasts were made, and a police land unit was tasked to lookout from North shore. At 8:50pm Marine Police searched the North Channel and along North Shore in Rescue 1. No further information was received, and the source of the suspected flare sightings is unknown.

Date: 11/09/2019

Wednesday 11th September, 10:13 am. - The Bermuda Government Fast Ferry Serenity reported, the sighting of marine pollution in the vicinity of the Boat Slip at Dockyard. Upon investigation it was discovered that a small amount of engine oil had leaked into the Dockyard area following the refloating of Pilot Boat St. George. The spill was subsequently contained by staff at Marine and Ports and clean-up quickly ensued using absorbent boom.

Date: 11/09/2019

Wednesday 11th September, 11:31am. - RCC Bermuda received the 406 MHz distress beacon alert from a US Registered EPIRB. RCC Bermuda Liaised with US Coast Guard in Norfolk Virginia, which in turn gained information from the US Coast Guard in Miami, relating to a vessel located at Charleston SC. This was confirmed as a false alert and no further action taken by RCC Bermuda.

Date: 09/09/2019

Monday 9th September, 1:55 pm – Bermuda Radio received a report of a possible pollution incident, from the Government fast ferry Cecil Smith located alongside in St. Georges Harbour. Department of Conservation services along with the Harbour Master were notified. After prompt investigation and support from the Pilot Boat St David & fisheries section on Protector, it was confirmed that the leak was carbon build up from the ferries exhaust. The substance dissipated without further action being required, and the ferry was subsequently taken out of service to enable technical repairs.

Date: 06/09/2019

Friday 6th September, 11:00 am – Bermuda Radio received reports from HMS Protector which is currently secure alongside in Hamilton, Bermuda. Reporting the sighting of an abandoned and adrift vessel on the 30th August in position - 34-15 North 051-01West. Approximately 700nm ENE from Bermuda, it was confirmed a re-sighting of the previously abandoned Merchant Vessel ALTA, in which reports and Navigation Warnings been issued from Bermuda Radio back in July 2019 – reference Notice to Mariners 019.

Date: 05/09/2019

Thursday 5th September, 3:50 pm – The Marine Police contacted Bermuda Radio regarding a report of a missing free diver at the West End off Pompano, Marine Police Vessel RESCUE 1 proceeded to the area, while Bermuda Radio spoke directly to the shore side reporting source regarding the incident. Confirming two people, had gone lobster diving off Pompano, in the 24ft vessel RELAX TOO. With one of the divers having not been seen for 20 minutes his buddy raised the alarm. Bermuda Radio commenced Marine VHF urgency broadcasts reporting the missing diver, a short time later RESCUE 1 was on scene and safely located both divers, the diver reported missing having become disorientated from the original location of the boat.

Date: 31/08/2019

Saturday 31st August, 01:20 am – Bermuda Radio were called on V.H.F Radio by a vessel in Great Sound close to Morgan’s Point reporting another vessel had just run aground at Morgan’s Point. A police land unit was dispatched to the area and Bermuda Radio made broadcasts for further assistance. The boat which ran aground had three people onboard, two were taken onboard the assisting vessel and the other came ashore at Morgan’s point. No injuries resulted from the grounding.

Date: 31/08/2019

Saturday 31st August, 9:25 pm – The local fishing vessel BLUE FIN contacted Bermuda Radio to report they had started to take on water in the engine compartment, this was of particular concern as the vessels bilge pump had also failed and water was being manually pumped from the space by the 4 people onboard. BLUEFIN was on South Shore off Elbow Beach returning from the banks to St David’s. Bermuda Radio made Pan-Pan broadcasts which were soon cancelled as the bilge pump was working again and keeping on top of the water ingress. Unfortunately, the bilge pump failed again off Coopers Island and Pan-Pan messages were rebroadcast, these went unanswered and the Pilot Boat ST DAVID was tasked to assist. BLUE FIN managed to make it back to her mooring in St David’s under her own power.

Date: 29/08/2019

Wednesday 29th August, 1:00 pm - RCC Bermuda was made aware of an incident, that was handled by the USCG RCC Jacksonville, Florida. In which a 24ft Centre Console Power Craft, Registration # FL8086LK, was reported overdue. Having failed to return from a day fishing trip, departing from Port Canaveral Florida, on the 16th August with 2 persons onboard. After a large co-ordinated search effort lead by the USCG, the search was suspended on the 22nd August, as per their official press release via the link below, at this time unless further information or signs of a vessel in distress are received locally RCC Bermuda will not be initiating further search efforts.

Date: 23/08/2019

Friday 23rd August, 8:45 pm – Bermuda radio received a telephone call from a 24ft boat, MILLIE WON, which had run out of fuel and was at anchor off Flatts Inlet with 2 people onboard. Bermuda Radio made VHF calls for assistance which went unanswered. A family member later towed the boat to Burchall’s Cove.

Date: 22/08/2019

Thursday 22nd August, 2:10 pm – Bermuda radio received a telephone call from a Jet Ski tour operator in Dockyard advising that a guest on a tour needs urgent medical assistance. The casualty was taken to Mangrove Bay Public Dock and met by paramedics. Sadly, a police statement issued later in the day confirmed the death of a woman who had become unresponsive during the Jet Ski tour.

Date: 22/08/2019

Thursday 22nd August, 2:45 pm – Bermuda Radio received a telephone call from a concerned member of the public who was overlooking Horseshoe Bay from the layby above. The reporting source believed they could see an object just below the water which may be a swimmer in difficulty. The lifeguards at Horseshoe bay were contacted and commenced a search of the specified area, plastic garbage was recovered which may have been the cause of the false alert.

Date: 19/08/2019

Monday 19th August, 10:30 am – Bermuda Radio received a VHF call from a local dive boat in Castle Roads complaining about a Jet Ski tour which has just passed the dive boat at close range. This potentially dangerous situation is being investigated further by the jet Ski tour operator and the Department of Marine & Ports to avoid reoccurrence.

Date: 18/08/2019

Sunday 18th August, 11:00 am - Ferry Corona reported an oil spill from a construction barge at the ferry terminal. The owner of the barge and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources were contacted, they were able to confirm that only a very small amount of oil had entered the water and no further pollution was likely to occur.

Date: 18/08/2019

Sunday 18th August, 5:37 pm - The 35 ft Power craft LAST GIRL, with 8 persons onboard, called Bermuda Radio as they were disabled off Pompano. Bermuda Radio made VHF Broadcasts and a Bermuda Regiment vessel was able to tow the disabled vessel to Robinson’s Marina.

Date: 17/08/2019

Saturday 17th August, 5:23 pm - The 27 ft power craft ROUGH RIDER, with 2 persons onboard, was reported disabled and at anchor in the sandy shallows off Pompano Beach Resort. A nearby vessel provided a 'jump' start, and ROUGH RIDER was able to get underway without further incident.