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Date: 04/12/2019

Wednesday 4th December, 1:43pm - RCC Bermuda began to receive Ship Security Alert (SSAS alert) from the Bermuda registered Gas Carrier LNG LAGOS II, located in the Gulf of Guinea which is an area known for piracy. The vessels management company was contacted, and the vessel was found to be safe, the alert had been generated inadvertently during a routine test.

Date: 28/11/2019

Thursday 28th November, 12:48pm - Bermuda Marine Police reported encountering a sunken vessel at Cobbler's Cut, only the bow of the vessel was showing above the surface. Tracking the vessel by its registration number showed it to be the 26ft P/C FLETCHER, however outdated contact details made it difficult to trace the vessel owner. later reports show the vessel was recovered to Spanish point Boat Club.

Date: 21/11/2019

Thursday 21st November, 12:55 pm – Bermuda Radio received a satellite telephone call from the Portuguese registered tanker HARBOUR PROGRESS reporting that they had received a VHF distress call from sailing vessel PRINCESS MAOLA. The tanker was in a position around 440 miles East North East of Bermuda with the distressed yacht 16 miles to the South of her position. The PRINCESS MAOLA was found to be disabled due to engine and sail problems. The single handed skipper initially refused to abandon his vessel, he later abandoned to the tanker which proceeded on passage to Belgium.

Date: 21/11/2019

Thursday 21st November, 07:23 am - Meyer Ship Agencies contacted Bermuda Radio to report the Tanker FREE SPIRIT had diverted to Bermuda to disembark a crewmember with a suspected broken leg. At 6:30 the following morning the patient was transferred to the Pilot/Rescue boat ST. DAVID and taken to Ordnance Island and subsequently transported by Ambulance to KEMH.

Date: 18/11/2019

Monday 18th November, 9:30 pm – Bermuda Radio received calls from SEA FOX a 25ft boat with 2 POB which is disabled about 150 Yards off Spanish Point Boat Club, the boat operators were concerned that they were dragging the anchor. Bermuda Radio made several broadcasts for assistance without response and the decision was made to call out the Marine Police, Marine Police towed the boat back to the boat club shortly after midnight.

Date: 15/11/2019

Friday 15th November, 5:50 pm – Bermuda Radio received an email from an organization called boatwatch regarding the German registered 37ft sloop IONA which departed Bermuda on the 6th September bound for the Azores. Concern had been expressed for the safety of IONA as the reporting source had not heard from either of the two people sailing onboard since they departed Bermuda. An investigation lead by the U.S Coast Guard was opened involving Rescue Co-ordination Centers in the Azores, Bermuda and Germany. Sadly, no further information regarding the whereabouts of IONA has been received and there has been no known contact with the vessel since they departed Bermuda in September.

Date: 13/11/2019

Wednesday 13th November, 10:20am. Bermuda Radio received a call from USCG District 5 advising of a MayDay call received from the S/V ‘’IN TUNE’’ with 3 POB approx. 250nm NW of Bermuda. The yacht later abandoned with a merchant vessel in attendance and a C-130 was also tasked to proceed to the scene of the MayDay. Unfortunately, one of the 3 crew members didn’t survive the transfer, and the USCG C-130 aircraft was not successful in the search for the third crew member.

Date: 10/11/2019

Sunday 10th November, 11:15am. Bermuda Radio received a SPOT message from S/V Tupelo Honey advising the vessel was low on fuel, had sustained damage to the main sail and had concerns about a diabetic crewmember. A US Coast Guard Cutter which was departing Bermuda, was tasked to assist the vessel, rendezvousing approx. 20 nautical miles from Bermuda. Providing fuel and medical supplies. The Sailing Vessel Tupelo Honey subsequently made its way safely into St Georges Harbour during the early hours of Monday.

Date: 10/11/2019

Sunday 10th November, 2:00pm. Bermuda Radio received a satellite telephone call from the Sailing Vessel Ghost which had departed Bermuda on the 6th November, was returning to Bermuda due to mechanical problems. The vessel sailed to the Sea Buoy and was safely towed into St Georges Harbour by Bermuda Yacht Services LINE ONE on Monday evening.

Date: 08/11/2019

Friday 8th November, 12:55am. In the very early hours of Friday morning, the Isle of Man registered, 42,172 grt tanker ENERGY COMMANDER. Reported a sick crewman on onboard and requested assistance, to evacuate a 41 year-old Russian man ashore for hospital attention due to an abdominal complaint. The ENERGY COMMANDER had departed Port Arthur, Texas, U. S. A., several days previous. The patient was transferred at the east of St. David's Lighthouse, to the Pilot / Rescue boat ST. DAVID, and then inshore to Ordnance Island to a waiting ambulance for transport to KEMH. The ENERGY COMMANDER then left Bermuda Waters for her destination port, Rotterdam, Netherlands.