Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 25/05/2020

Monday 25th May, 4:15pm – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a cell phone call from the 21ft Centre Console Power Craft LORD OF THE RINGS, with 3 pob, reporting that they where disabled, at anchor in Mangrove Bay, given the location, the Bermuda Coastguard where able to promptly respond and safely towed the vessel to Boaz Island Gas Station to refuel.

Date: 24/05/2020

Sunday 24th May, 10:00pm – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received an e-mail from a member of public reporting a suspected Distress Flare in the vicinity of Great Sound towards Watford Bridge, while the reported sighting was white/yellow in colour, Bermuda Radio commenced Urgent Marine VHF Broadcasts for any further sightings or information, Bermuda Coastguard also assisted by doing a patrol in the area of Great Sound, paradise Lakes and Two Rock Passage, confirming no vessels observed in Distress.

Date: 21/05/2020

Friday 15th May, 9:00 pm - The Bermuda Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) received information from RCC Norfolk regarding the 38 foot U.S. sailing vessel HOBO GIRL with 1 person onboard who had reportedly indicated via a SPOT satellite message back to family ashore that he was possibly in distress. The vessel had sailed from Fort Pierce, Florida, on May 1st bound for Valencia, Spain. The distress position was thought to be some 180 miles Northeast of Great Abaco, Bahamas while further information from family ashore suggested a stop in Bermuda was planned. The U.S. Coast Guard commenced an aircraft search between the last known position and Bermuda, while Bermuda Radio commenced urgency broadcasts to shipping in the area to maintain a sharp lookout for the HOBO GIRL. With nothing found, the USCG suspended their aircraft search on the evening of 19th May as it was unclear that the yacht was actually in distress. At 9:00 pm Tuesday May 19th, Bermuda Radio detected a vessel approaching the island on radar which turned out to be the HOBO GIRL and the single handed sailor confirmed by radio that he was not in distress. The yacht was directed under sail by Bermuda Radio up to the entrance of the Town Cut shipping channel but due to engine problems the yacht then requested a tow into the harbour. While Bermuda Radio was in the process of arranging a commercial tow, the Bermuda Coast Guard vessel RESCUE 1 volunteered to assist and proceeded from Watford House, Somerset to St. George's where they subsequently towed the HOBO GIRL from the vicinity of the Sea Buoy to the Yacht Reporting Centre dock where she was secured for Customs clearance.

Date: 20/05/2020

Thursday 14th May, 7:55am – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a telephone call from a member of public located in St Georges, reporting what appeared to be a capsized vessel adrift in Murrays Anchorage, off North Shore. Bermuda Radio broadcast on Marine VHF, for any vessels in the area to offer further information, or possible assistance to the report. Bermuda Radio quickly tasked the Marine & Ports Pilot/Rescue Boat St David to proceed to the position and ascertain no persons where in distress, arriving promptly on scene they confirmed the vessel appeared to have been adrift for some time due to growth on the hull, and may have originated from overseas. The St David established a tow and brought the stricken vessel into St Georges Harbour. The Bermuda Coast Guard where subsequently able to assist, by taking and removing the vessel from the water at Watford House, further investigations have not been able to confirm the identity or origin of the 18ft Centre Console Power Craft.

Date: 12/05/2020

Tuesday 12th May, 1:55 pm – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, received a VHF call from the Ferry Corona, reporting a MARPOL sighting in the vicinity of the M/V Oleander, secured alongside Hamilton Harbour Docks, observing a sheen of oil on the surface of the water, following investigation it was established that the source emanated from a Hydraulic Oil leak off one of the Shoreside Cranes, the source was contained, with boom deployed in the area from the Dock, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources where advised, and the Superintendent at Hamilton Docks, later confirming that the surface oil had dissipated naturally and no further action was required.

Date: 08/05/2020

Friday 8th May, 2:10 am – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, received a Distress 406 MHz EPIRB alert from the Bermuda registered vessel PIRATE KING, the emergency contact listed on RCC Bermuda’s, EPIRB database was called, but unfortunately advised, the vessel had recently been sold and the EPIRB had not been re-registered to reflect the new owners contact details. The EPIRP remained activate indicating the distress position was to the East end of the island, Bermuda Radio broadcast a Marine Urgency, “Pan Pan” message requesting further information on the status of the 48ft P/C PIRATE KING. The new owner of the vessel was eventually established from the previous owner, who were contacted, and able to confirm that PIRATE KING was secure out of the water at St Georges Boatyard. The owner attended the vessel but was unable to establish why the emergency beacon was transmitting but suspect as the battery for the EPIRB was expired, had caused the false activation.

Date: 03/05/2020

Sunday 3rd May, 4:20 pm – The Bulk Carrier SPAR LIBRA contacted Bermuda Radio via satellite telephone from a position 200 miles North North West of Bermuda to advise that they had sighted a capsized vessel approximately 10 m in length. The ship could not see any sign of habitation onboard and no identifying marks could be seen on the vessel. The sighting did not appear relate to any SAR cases known to Bermuda or USCG, Bermuda Radio issued a Notice To Mariners regarding the floating hazard to navigation, no further reports were received.

Date: 30/04/2020

Thursday 30th April, 3:00 pm – The US Coast Guard contacted Bermuda Radio regarding the 39 ft British registered Ketch SUNDOWNER OF BEAULIEU, the vessel had left Bermuda on the 25th April after calling for repairs en route from the Bahamas to Southampton. Unfortunately, they had become disabled due to steering failure about 500 miles East of Bermuda and had issued a distress call via the U.K Coast Guard. A Merchant vessel was directed to the scene, but the two crew were unable to safely abandon due to heavy seas. On Friday morning the Tanker MAGELLAN SPIRIT was requested to divert and assist and was able launch a rescue boat to recover the two British sailors, the yacht was abandoned and the crew were carried onboard the Tanker towards her next port of call in Spain.

Date: 27/04/2020

Monday 27th April, 1:50 am – A member of the Bermuda regiment reported seeing a distress flare when looking East from Somerset Bridge, the Coastguard started searching in Great Sound onboard Rescue 1 as Bermuda Radio made radio broadcasts requesting further information. Bermuda Radio received a second flare report which suggested the flare had been set off overland. No further reports were received, and the search was called off pending further information.

Date: 27/04/2020

Monday 27th April 2020 - 1:10pm - Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre was advised that the Cruise Ship REGAL PRINCESS, proceeding from the Bahamas and bound for Southampton, England had a 29 year old male crew member who had sustained a back injury that required medical examination. The REGAL PRINCESS arrived at the Sea Buoy this evening at approximately 1830lt and conducted a MEDICO transfer to the Pilot/Rescue boat employing full COVID-19 protection. The patient was safely transferred to KEMH by an awaiting ambulance, the REGAL PRINCESS waited offshore while tests were carried out at the hospital to determine if the crew member was able to rejoin the ship, at 0036lt the patient rejoined the REGAL PRINCESS which continued on its passage to Southampton.

Date: 26/04/2020

Sunday 26th April 6:20 pm – Bermuda Radio received a telephone call from a single-handed fisherman who had become disorientated due to the poor visibility. The fisherman was at anchor and unable to see anything, he thought he was in a position just East of Eastern Blue Cut and had until recently been able to see North Rock. Bermuda radio were unable to use Direction Finding equipment to fix the vessels position as the VHF radio onboard was not working, a few RADAR targets were identified which could indicate the disorientated vessel. Coastguard assistance was requested, and Rescue 1 was in the vicinity at around 8:00 pm searching for the vessel and sounding a siren. The visibility was very poor and Rescue 1 was unable to see any of the RADAR targets which may have been the disorientated vessel, Rescue 1 had started searching nearer to North Rock when the fisherman telephoned Bermuda Radio to advise that he was underway, Bermuda Radio were able to identify the moving RADAR target and gave advice to help him return to Devonshire Dock. A Police Land Unit met with the vessel on arrival at Devonshire Dock to discuss the incident and issue a ticket as the vessel did not have working VHF.